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Xuming Zeng

Web developer, musician, linguist


screenshot of JS-Y86


JS-Y86 simulates a simple assembly language running on a von Neumann machine in order to teach important low lewel programming concepts such as registers, memory, and stack management.

screenshot of QuickHAC


QuickHAC provides an enhanced gradebook experience for middle and high school students in Round Rock ISD.

screenshot of Schedule Comparinator

Schedule Comparinator

Schedule Comparinator helps middle and high school students instantly find out who's in their classes before the first class day. It runs annually from mid-August to early September.

screenshot of Binaural Beats

Binaural Beats

The most flexible binaural beats generator on the web, featuring a skeuomorphic, DAW plugin-like control panel and five types of noise generation using the HTML5 Web Audio API.



Relaxing, ambient, pensive classical/soundtrack music, composed for solo piano.

Chillout Grooves

Lounge-like grooves with a moderate, steady, and relaxing beat, great as part of a productivity playlist.


A collection of pop music covers in collaboration with Natalie Tsai.

Everything Else

Check out my SoundCloud profile for a more complete selection of my best work.